About Us


XM2 has deep roots in motion picture filming – all over the globe. We’ve got knowledge and experience with the latest and greatest filming technology.

XM2 Store is focused on sales and support of flying platforms and remote heads.

Why buy from XM2 Store ?

  • Our staff can provide an extra level of technical expertise, based on first hand experience – ensuring that you end up with the right tool for the job!
  • If you are new or looking for help we can provide guidance setting up & tuning your new equipment.
  • Training – technology has become very advanced, our staff offer accelerated learning and tips to get you up and running in a fast an efficient manner
  • Customisation – in house printing and machining services are available for customisation/special applications
  • No grey imports – All of our listed stock is physically at our warehouse ready for dispatch.
  • Trouble shooting / repairs – our expert staff are available to conduct assessment for damaged or faulty equipment, and can carry out repairs, or organise OEM repair process.

What makes XM2 Store stand out?

XM2 Service Team has known for working on some of the largest movies produced on the globe! 

*Pirates of the Caribbean, Thor, Pacific Rim 2, WestWorld, Star Wars, Fast & Furious 9, Bond - No Time to Die, Mission Impossible 7*

Our amazing team of pilots, engineers, camera operators contribute unique knowledge about products to our clients.

PH: (03) 9530 4630

International Customers
PH: +61 3 9530 4630