XM2 WISP - ND Filter Holder

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XM2 WISP - ND Filter Holder

XM2 Wisp

Bespoke ND Holder


This piece of art is designed and made entirely in house at XM2, each unit is assembled by hand by our team. We only produced a small batch a few times per year so they are very special units.

It is composed of high quality and lightweight carbon fibre (3K Twill  Matte finish) and aluminium (6061T6).

The unit weighs 87G without any filter so is the lightest currently available on the market, perfect for Drone use where each gram/ounce matters! or also a very nice piece of gear for your steadi-cam or lightweight

camera rig. 


The holder will fit standard 4*5.65" filters, and lock them securely in place with simple screws. Please ensure they are tight when you assemble your rig, and check that the top retainer is in the secured postion (all the way down). 


We offer 3D Printed PETG ring spacers as accessories, please allow 24 hours for us to produce the requested size for you. You can select them from the drop down list above.



Each ring has the size of it marked on the face for easy identification. 


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