XM2 Tango UAV

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XM2 Tango UAV

Introducing the brand new XM2 Tango UAV. Developed in house by XM2 Labs for flying big camera packages on set in the most demanding environments!

We have designed this UAV for flying the DJI Ronin 2 with Alexa Mini/RED camera packages, inclusive of all lens control devices. It will carry those without breaking a sweat. 

The propulsion system is tuned for use with the DJI flight controller, and the folding propellers are extremely quiet for such a large UAV.

It flies with the agility of an Inspire 2 and has great endurance which is lacking in every other platform available on the market.

The TANGO packs down in to a custom made flight case ready to be safely transported by road or air freight. The arms can be folded down quckly without the use of any tools! 

We are able to customise the package to suit your cinematography or industrial needs, just get in contact with us!


Maximum Take-off weight: 36KG
Maximum Payload: 15KG
Wide range of battery configurations:
- 4 x 22Ah 6S
- 4 x 16Ah 6S
- 4 x 12Ah 6S
- 4 x 10Ah 6S
Quick release battery tray
Common dampener system:
- Able to mount camera on top as well as under-slung
Optional flight controllers:
- DJI N3
- DJI A3
Light Bridge 2.0
Optional Stabilizers:
- FreeFly Movi Pro
- DJI Ronin 2
Endurance with 10KG Payload: 16 Minutes!
Optional flight case available (under 32KG)
Retractable landing gear
High current QS8 Connectors

Optional extras:

Extra long Gimbal stand off

DJI MG-1 Battery tray

SDI to HDMI converter for light bridge 2

Gimbal safety wire attaching lug

Teradek Mount 

Custom mount(s) for special sensors (LiDaR etc.)