XM2 Tango LITE FAA Compliant

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Tango Lite with Ronin 2


At XM2 we strive to be the best in aerial cinematography. We realised that the current offerings on the market meant you always had to compromise with the camera package by going smaller lenses or not having a iris or focus motor on. 

XM2 Tango was designed and constructed by the engineers at XM2 Labs with input and feedback from XM2 pilots with thousands of hours experience flying on sets around the world. It has been created with a strong knowledge of real world applications and the latest and greatest tech resulting in a powerful safe platform.

Using a state of a the art propulsion system, XM2 Tango is our best performing drone to date. The propellers, motors and speed controllers are lighter and more powerful, resulting in an extremely locked in feel while staying agile with tested speeds to 45mph or 72kmph.

Importantly, XM2 Tango Lite is capable of operating safely under the 55 pound limit imposed by the FAA on small UAS operations while still allowing for industry leading payload capabilities. While the aircraft is optimised for operation at 55LBS, it is capable of operating up to a take off weight of 70LBS/32KG.

The collapsible arms allow for rapid deployment on set and in the field, you can be ready to fly in a matter on minutes without needing any tools. When moving between locations, the drone can be packed down and moved with the camera package attached, maximising the efficiency of the operations. 

We have designed this UAV for flying the DJI Ronin 2 or Movi Pro with any camera packages that can fit on these gimbals. This means big anamorphic or zoom lenses, FIZ control and all other accessories.

Retractable landing gear provide a flexible and powerful gimbal platform. They ensure that the camera has a complete, uninterrupted field of view and also gives the camera operator full control while on the ground.

The propulsion system is tuned for use with the DJI A3 flight controller, with folding propellers that are extremely quiet. 

The Tango packs down in to a custom made flight case ready that can be transported on commercial airlines. 

We are able to customise the package to suit your cinematography or industrial needs, just get in contact with us with your needs!


  • Quick release battery tray
  • Quick release gimbal mounts
  • Camera on top as well as under-slung
  • Triple redundant flight controller
  • From case to filming in minutes
  • Dual operator camera control
  • Redundant power distribution system
  • Automatic realtime data logging
  • Telemetry current and capacity readouts on independent system
  • Vibration isolation
  • Weather resistant
  • Flight time of up 30 minutes
  • Return to home function for piece of mind
  • Silent drive motors
  • Intelligent and reliable
  • With included case can be flown on most commercial airlines

 Tango Lite Options

 Movi Pro with Freefly Movi Pro Landing Gear

 DJI Ronin 2 with XM2 Ronin 2 Landing Gear

 Lightbridge 2 Controller

White LB2

 White LB2


 Custom Case under 32kg/70lbs

 Custom Case under 32kg/70lbs

 Gimbal adapter

 Toad in the Hole

 Ronin 2 Universal Mount

 Landing gear

 Freefly Movi Pro Landing Gear

 XM2 Ronin 2 Landing Gear


 QS8 (or your choice)

 QS8 (or your choice)

 Video convertor 



 Transmitter Mount on aircraft Body

 Not Included


 Remote battery monitoring system



 Gimbal Standoff



 2nd Lightbridge 2 Remote for gimbal


 Available as an option



Aircraft Weight: 11.5kg/25.3bs
Maximum Take-off weight: 32kg/70lbs
Maximum Payload: (See battery options below)
Flight time: 9 – 25 Minutes (depending on Camera and Battery Configuration) 
Max Tested Speed: 72kmph / 45mph
Power System: DJI Tuned Propulsion System
Propellers: 28x8” Carbon composite 
Mobile Application: DJI GO
Pilot Control: DJI Lightbridge 2
Input Voltage: 12S or 44.4V
Gimbal: DJI Ronin 2 or Freefly Movi Pro (not included)
Landing Gear: Included 
Gimbal Control Options: (not included)
DJI Ronin 2
-DJI Ronin 2 Joystick
-DJI Master Wheels
-DJI Force Pro
-DJI Lightbridge 2

Freefly Movi Pro
-Freefly Movi Wheels
-Freefly Movi Controller
-Freefly Mimic
-DJI Master Wheels

Optional extras:

  • Extra long Gimbal stand off
  • DJI MG-1 Battery tray
  • Gimbal safety wire attaching lug
  • Additional Lightbridge controller for Dual-Op on Ronin 2 Only
  • Custom mount(s) for special sensors (LiDaR, Thermal, Hyperspectral, Multisensor, Arrays)
  • Ronin 2 or Movi Pro Kit available separately so you can convert easily between the two gimbals if required