XM2 Echo

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XM2 Echo

XM2 Echo is a heavy lift quadcopter that targets 55 pound operations, without sacrificing flight time, performance or capability. Utilising aerospace design principles, Echo maximises payload capacity through an extremely light frame.

This allows for the operation of large payloads without sacrificing flight time, making it perfect for both the industrial and cinematography markets. XM2 Echo uses a highly efficient propulsion system and can be equipped with either the DJI A3 or XM2 HELIX flight controller.

XM2 Echo is equally capable carrying industrial payloads such as LIDAR, multispectral and hyperspectral cameras as well as high performance cinematography packages. The payload quick release provides a quick transition between ground based and aerial platforms with minimal downtime.

Key features:

-       Optimised for a 55 pound take off weight

-       Payload quick release function

-       Ultralight frame to maximise flight time

Typical applications

-       Cinematography

-       LIDAR

-       Thermal, hyperspectral and multispectral imaging


Optimised Take Off Weight

55 LBS / 25KG

Maximum Take Off Weight

70LBS / 32KG

Maximum Payload Weight

26.5LBS / 12KG


Maximum Horizontal Speed


Maximum Climb Rate


Flight time

Maximum Flight Time

25 minutes

*Flight time is subject to localised weather conditions, payload and battery combination