XM2 ARRI Alexa MAP Balance Plate

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XM2 ARRI Alexa MAP Balance Plate


We have designed and made this plate to mount on the ARRI Alexa Mini Camera - it fits in place of the OEM MAP1 or MAP2 Plate and enables the user to add additional counter-weights to the back of the camera and open up the possibilities of larger lens options on stabilised gimbals.

The plate is machined from a billet of 6061 T6 Aluminium and is finished with a hard black anodise coating for durability on demanding sets. 


2 x Balance Plate (110g)

8 x M4*8mm Stainless Steel Bolts

3 x Brass Counterweights (160g each)

1 x Battery strap

Additional counterweights can be screwed in to the back of the existing weights should more be needed! Stack em' up! 

***If mounting to gimbal you will still require a MAP1 or MAP2 plate from ARRI for the opposite side of the camera***