VASMM2400 - 2.4GHz RHCP BluBeam Ultra 'Mad Mushroom' Antenna

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VASMM2400 - 2.4GHz RHCP BluBeam Ultra 'Mad Mushroom' Antenna

Video Aerial Systems 2.4GHz RHCP BluBeam Ultra 'Mad Mushroom' Antenna

The BlueBeam Ultra is a premium high-performance omnidirectional antenna set. Most pilots will see a 5-6 X range and clarity improvement over budget antennas.
The BlueBeam Ultra series have an integrated balun to prevent unintended interactions with the cable and connected equipment.

Polarisation: Right Hand Circular Polarised (RHCP) ?
Gain: 1.25dbic ?
Beamwidth: Omnidirectional ?
Axial ratio: .72 ?
Connection: SMA Male ?
Purpose: Receiver.

Item Contents:
1 x 2.4GHz RHCP BluBeam Ultra 'Mad Mushroom' Antenna

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