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XM2 Tango | Heavy Lift Drone
XM2 Tango | Heavy Lift Drone
XM2 Tango | Heavy Lift Drone
XM2 Tango | Heavy Lift Drone
XM2 Tango | Heavy Lift Drone
XM2 Tango | Heavy Lift Drone
XM2 Tango | Heavy Lift Drone
XM2 Tango | Heavy Lift Drone
XM2 Tango | Heavy Lift Drone

XM2 Tango | Heavy Lift Drone


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WHY we made the TANGO

TANGO was primarily created for the serious film makers - what does that mean!?

Now operators can finally expand their offerings to production that simply isn’t possible with other platforms;

  • Be able to install the bigger camera bodies (Sony Venice for example)
  • Put on that larger and heavier lens (Big Anamorphic or Zoom lens)
  • Mount that full focus, iris and zoom package (Preston unit or similar) 
  • Secure the Ronin 2 on the top of the aircraft (!) 
  • Fly for longer 

You also have the freedom to use either the FreeFly Movi Pro, or DJI Ronin 2 three axis gimbals! See below images: 

TANGO's secondary use cases are for "industrial" payloads. Tango is extremely versatile and will also perform exceptionally well when coupled to a LiDaR, multi-spectral, or hyper-spectral sensor. This allows the user to go from filming mode to industrial mode very quickly.

Using the Tango and these tools means you no longer need to compromise by using smaller camera packages or not installing lens control systems! 

TANGO Development

Tango was designed and constructed by the engineers at XM2 Labs with input and feedback from XM2 pilots with thousands of hours experience flying on sets around the world. It has been created with a strong knowledge of real world applications and the latest and greatest tech resulting in a powerful safe platform.

screen-shot-2019-10-11-at-12.25.15-pm.pngThe TANGO 3D model was created and prototyped in house at our workshop and machining facility. 

TANGO Frame is comprised of; 

  • High quality and rigid T300 Carbon Fibre - 3K Twill with Matte finish
  • Light weight Aluminium 6061 T6, hard black anodised


We even examined the internal power system and simplified the wiring with a common POWER and SIGNAL distribution board. The PDB has robust screw terminals to secure the input and output power wires. We used latching molex connections where possible and secure every component with ties and solidifying liquid. 

Engineers also combined voltage and current sensing to the board, which is fed real-time to the CoPilot to display crucial flight information. 


Payload dampening is realised by coupling to the Tango with six Sorbothane Dampeners. The batteries are connected to the payload. This allows the dampener to function for under-slung and over-slung mounted loads. 


Each Tango built at XM2 is subject to vibration measurement at two points on the aircraft.

  1. Measurement taken from main airframe
  2. Measurement take from gimbal pitch cage

As well as extreme flight tests with telemetry monitored. We ensure that the Tango is 100% ready to go out of the box (apart from compass calibration).


Using a state of a the art propulsion system, XM2 Tango is our best performing drone to date. The propellers, motors and speed controllers are lighter and more powerful, resulting in an extremely locked in feel while staying agile with tested speeds to 45mph or 72kph.




XM2 Helix Flight controller comes installed and configured, perfectly tuned for a very precise and locked in “feel”. We set out to develop our own flight controller, optimised for aerial filming pilots. 

Key Features of HELIX:

  • Unparalleled flight feeling
  • Brass dampened IMU
  • Dual BEC power supply 
  • Robust Aluminium 6061T6 housing hard black anodise
  • Operational temperature range -25*C to +60*C
  • Flight control modes; Manual, Attitude, Cine, GPS
  • USB-C Connectivity
  • LED Status Indicator
  • Failsafe RTH 
  • Motion Booting mode (for taking off from rocking or moving platforms)
  • MavLINK support for mapping (optional add-on RF900 Communications Link)
  • Black box data logging
  • Motor failure controlled spin for emergency landing



Control of the Tango is by JT16 transmitter, customised by XM2. We have combined JT16 with the most popular and reliable long range link “TBS Crossfire”. This maintains a safe, low latency robust link to the Tango, and allows telemetry data to reach the Pilot, to monitor the status of the aircraft. 



Integrated in to the JT16 transmitter is the CoPilot. A custom telemetry screen displays crucial information, as a pilot in command this can help monitor the status of the Tango and also ensure it is being operated safely. 

Data displayed on the CoPilot screen; 

  • Main battery voltage
  • Current draw
  • Capacity consumption
  • Signal strength (RSSI)
  • Flight time
  • Altitude


The Tango packs down in to a custom made flight case ready that can be transported on commercial airlines - Under 32KG / 70.5LBS. The case features:

  • Custom CNC foam inserts
  • Zip lock storage compartment
  • Stowage for aircraft, transmitter and battery tray
  • Sturdy black light weight panel material
  • Light weight black anodised hardware
  • Wheels 
  • Two side handles spring loaded 
  • Lockable latches
  • Hinged Lid
  • Logo and this side up markings



We are able to deliver Tango to almost every country on the globe. We can ship same or next day provided we have stock. Stock generation time can be between 2-4 weeks.

Training packages are also available to get you familiar with operating the system, or setting up the payload/stabiliser. We can show you all of the tips and tricks, and safest way to operate and monitor the Tango. Get in touch with us for more information. 

*** TANGO is only offered with Retracts

*** TANGO is sold with A3 and Lightbridge 2 or XM2 Helix



Sony Venice

Phantom Veo


ARRI Alexa Mini, Alexa LF

ARRI 235 Film Camera

LiDaR (laser point cloud mapping)

Photogrammetry (DSLR/mirrorless cameras)



  • Quick release battery tray
  • Quick release gimbal mounts
  • Camera on top as well as under-slung
  • From case to filming in minutes
  • Dual operator camera control
  • Redundant power distribution system
  • Automatic realtime data logging
  • Telemetry current and capacity readouts on the flight controller
  • Vibration isolation
  • Weather resistant
  • Compatible with Movi Pro aero landing gear or Ronin 2 XM2 landing gear
  • Flight time of up 30 minutes
  • Failsafe Return to home function for piece of mind
  • Silent drive motors
  • Intelligent and reliable
  • With included case can be flown on most commercial airlines

What’s included:

  • Jumper T16 Transmitter, crossfire radio link and custom XM2 co-pilot home screen.
  • Custom carry case which is under 32kg/70lbs
  • Crossfire radio link
  • Adapter to your chosen gimbal Ronin 2 or Movi Pro
  • High current QS8 Connectors (or your connectors of choice)



Aircraft Weight: 13.5kg/29.7lbs
Maximum Take-off weight: 36kg/79.3lbs
Maximum Payload: (See battery options below)
Flight time: 9 – 25 Minutes (depending on Camera and Battery Configuration)
Max Tested Speed: 72kmph / 45mph

Flight controller: HELIX
Power System: DJI Tuned Propulsion System
Propellers: 28x8” Carbon composite 
Pilot Control: Jumper T16 customised
Input Voltage: 12S / 44.4V
Gimbal: DJI Ronin 2 or Freefly Movi Pro (not included)

Gimbal Control Options: (not included)
DJI Ronin 2
-DJI Ronin 2 Joystick
-DJI Master Wheels
-DJI Force Pro

Freefly Movi Pro
-Freefly Movi Wheels
-Freefly Movi Controller
-Freefly Mimic
-DJI Master Wheels

Standard items included:

  • 1 x Tango Aircraft
  • 1 x Quick release Battery Tray
  • 1 x Quick release to suit your gimbal
  • 1 x QS8 battery connectors
  • 1 x JT16 transmitter with crossfire, charger
  • 1 x Transport Case 

Optional extras:

  • Extra long Gimbal stand off
  • XM2 Ronin 2 Aero Landing Gear 
  • RFD 900 radio link
  • DJI MG-1 Battery tray
  • Gimbal safety wire attaching lug
  • Custom mount(s) for special sensors (LiDaR, Thermal, Hyperspectral, Multisensor, Arrays)
  • Camera on top landing gear
  • Additional battery connectors (QS8)
  • Battery chargers, we offer a very nice package in pelican air case, also ready for travel. 


We are able to customise the package to suit your cinematography or industrial needs, just get in contact with us with your needs!





If you own a drone, it’s important that you understand the rules that keep you and others safe. Visit knowyourdrone.gov.au to find out more