GEMINI Zero UAV Autopilot Dual Redundancy Autopilot for Multi-Rotors

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GEMINI Zero UAV Autopilot Dual Redundancy Autopilot for Multi-Rotors

Aerial photography industry is full of risks and challenges, and everything is nothing if there is no security. The Gemini autopilot, developed by Zero UAV and particularly designed for professional advertising, film and television etc., is the first double redundancy multi-rotor flight controller in the field of uav. Meanwhile it is quite a reliable autopilot provided by Zero for ensuring standardized security code of aerial photography. 

Gemini autopilot consists of two independent sets of GPS, compass and IMU. What's more, users may monitor the working status of the two sets of sensors at the same time through GCS (ground control station) . In addition, if any sensor has error, it may automatically seamlessly switch to another sensor and give automatic alarm to users via GCS, which greatly reduces the possibility of crash or failure. Besides, users can freely choose any of the GPS or compass to combine with the IMU of another unit.

Featured Functions: 
1. Gemini goes for the flying security to the extreme by integrating with double GPS, IMU and compass. When a failure occurs, the master controller can automatically switch to the slave controller and the GCS will give alarm to users at the same time.

2. It is perfectly compatible with the safety parachute. Controlled by the Gemini autopilot, the parachute will be opened automatically and the motors will stop spinning in emergency to protect the entire system.

3. Intelligent course lock function contains automatic dodging landing gear feature which saves the trouble of using retractable landing gear.

4. Users can preset up to 256 available waypoints. By pushing transmitter softly, the craft may fly according to the 3D waypoints preset based on the 3D coordinates of each point , and the flying speed is controlled by the sticks in real time, so that it is very easy to repeat the skyline of film shots. 

4. High stable FPV mode of Gemini autopilot makes a new pattern of cooperating of gimbal and craft , first invents that the craft can follow up the gimbal automatically and the gimbal may be directly controlled by the transmitter, the lens control is more smooth compared with the previous FPV mode.

5. What's more, ZERO brushless gimbal such as Z2000(5D),Z1400(GH3), BMPCC gimbal, Z6000(RED EPIC) etc. can perfectly work with Gemini autopilot to get high-precision attitude correction and achieve impressive film shot. What's more, in pursuit of the extreme security performance, both of the ready to fly system E1100 and E-EPIC for professional aerial photography are integrated with Gemini autopilot to get more security flying. 

6. With 3D map in your ground control station, you can manage your flight over the sky like never before. Gone are the days when the only way to get a bird's eye view of your favorite place was on the horizon or from the window of the apartment. Now, Get started with your phone or tablet to enjoy your notably security flying!