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XM2 Yankee is a new breakthrough in camera control for the DJI Inspire 2. XM2 Yankee facilitates control of any Inspire 2 camera through traditional wheels, the preferred method of controlling remote heads for DPs and Camera Operators around the world. With the flick of a switch on the customised Inspire 2 controller, operators are able to change between conventional control and the DJI Master Wheels OR 1A Alpha Wheels, giving them the freedom to utilise the desired operating mechanism. This increases the capabilities of the Slave Controller, allowing it to be used in its regular format or paired with the Wireless Receiver to operate the Master Wheels. XM2 Yankee is currently compatible with DJI Master Wheels and 1A Alpha Wheels, with more systems coming soon.


    • How does it work?
      • The Yankee is a modified Inspire 2 controller which is bound as the slave. We are emulating the sticks. DJI Wireless receiver plugs into the back of the controller. The controller retains all other functionality including camera control, use of DJI Go, HDMI out etc.
    • Where can I send my transmitter for modification?
      • We have technicians capable of the modification based at our offices in UK, USA, Australia. Please contact us to arrange.
    • Will it be compatible with 1A or Inertia wheels?
      • Yes, however we are still working on the wiring and plugs. We are unable to give an exact time frame for finished product at this time.
    • What wheels does Yankee interface with?