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Here at XM2 we offer many different services for our customers.

Battery Soldering

Connector Soldered $5 per battery + Parts

- A connector of your choice will be professionally soldered to your battery of choice

Multicopter Services

Flight School $100 Per hour

Build DJI F330, F450, F550 $200 + Parts

Build DJI S800,S900,1000 and M600setup and test fly $1500

Supply and build Gryphon Dynamic frames $1500+

FPV System installation $50 (for systems we sell)

OSD Installation (for systems we sell) $50

Ground Station (waypoints) installed and tested $100

4 x Motor Upgrade Installation $50

4 x ESC Upgrade Installation $50

6 x Motor Upgrade Installation $80

6 x ESC Upgrade Installation $80

****Note: Most services will require about a 2 week stay at our shop, exact times will be calculated on receipt of your model.
We do not offer a 100% guarentee that your model fly perfectly for ever, it is your responsability as the pilot to double check our work, and we do not accept responsability for any damage after you pick up your model.

We can offer an express service which is either on the spot or same day for many of the above items for double the cost of the labour.